History of MIRRICO


Two young friends – Igor Malykhin and Rustam Ramazanov founded the Mirrico Group of Companies in the year 2000 in Kazan (Russia, Tatartsan). Rustam Ramazanov has earned a degree in Chemistry and Igor Malykhin — a degree in Management. The young professionals decided to start inventing chemical solutions for various technological tasks. The first product created by Mirrico was a cross-linker for the EOR technologies. The company managed to offer an attractive price for the product because its proprietary production technology turned out to be the most cost efficient in the entire industry. This gave a momentum for the company to grow.
Mirrico developed a wide range of EOR chemicals for a major oil producing enterprise. The sales volume of the company doubled.
The company opens an office in Moscow and establishes links with R&D institutes. The company starts an oilfield chemistry lab, develops a complete range of chemicals for oilfield operations.
The company opens a drilling chemicals lab, develops a set of chemicals for drilling operations. The company starts supplying water treatment chemicals to metallurgic enterprises.
Mirrico acquires a chemical plant in Almetyevsk (Russia, Tatarstan).
The start of the services stage. The company enters the water treatment services market and the drilling fluids services market. The company opens its own training center.
The company goes international: start of projects in Iran, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Setting up the manufacture of equipment for drilling fluids cleaning systems.
The company refines its organizational structure: establishes a corporate center, which encompasses divisions dealing with R&D, financial and strategic management and seven business units, focusing on different products and services.
Группа компаний «Миррико» приступает к реализации новой стратегии
развития — управление неосновными
процессами заказчика в нефтедобыче и металлургии.
Mirrico starts working on a proprietary product label — Drag Reducing Agent (DRA). Implementing service contracts related to drilling and workover operations in Serbia. Start of a mutual project with Rosnano involving the production of specialty chemicals for modification of clays. Development of social programs targeting the support of sports and environment protection.
Running the first tests of the drag reducing agent. The company signs an agreement with TBC Brinadd (USA) aimed at localization of manufacturing of chemical products for fracking fluids. A business unit for oil refinery chemical products is created. The company develops its proprietary software product — Mirrico Borehole Solutions.
The company brings to market the services of Robotic Tanks Cleaning and Polymer Flooding. Mirrico successfully passes through the audit process and starts supplying the Drag Reducing Agent (DRA) to the Transneft company.
The company creates the robotic unit MARTin for a safe and environmentally friendly tank cleaning. The corporate knowledge management system is under development. The Mirrico Group creates remote control systems for the DRA dosing stations. The first automatic systems for reagents dosing and monitoring (ASDREAM) are tested in water circulation systems.
Unique encapsulated scale and corrosion inhibitors are created. Proprietary depressing and dispensing agents and polymerization retarders are prepared. Start of pilot tests of robotic cleaning operations for vertical tanks at chemical plants. Initial indicator research is carried out for multizone fracking; running the first tests of oil additives on gas compressor units in Kazakhstan.
The start of the export services promotion program: start of negotiations with companies in Oman and Kuwait, first sales to Vietnam.
The company wins the first tenders in Oman.
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