Генеральный директор ГК Миррико Игорь Малыхин
Igor Malykhin
Head office
Department of Business Security Enforcement
Department of Sales and Interaction with Corporate Customers
Personnel Management Department
Corporate Law Department
Finance Department
Department of Strategy Planning and Marketing
Innovation Department
Internal Audit Service
Drilling muds and technologies business unit
Andrei Gladkov
Oil and gas processing and petroleum chemistry business unit
Marat Ilyazov
Drilling and extraction reagents business unit
Maksim Yutyayev
Water circulation system service business unit
Andrei Gert
Downhole treatment business unit
Rustam Sattarov
Operation Unit
Anton Kachurin
Director of Logistics Center
Dmitry Filyushenko
Production Director
Transportation Department
Department for Quality, Certification and Patents
Common Service Center
Accounting and Reporting Department
Information Technology Department
HR Management Department
Department of Treaties and Legal Affairs
Department of Property Interests Protection
Quality Management System Department
Labor and Wages Department
Department of Maintenance and Assuring Day-to-Day Operations
Administrative Support Department