Services for Water Circulation Systems Services Business Unit offers chemical solutions and services in the field of provision of water quality for enterprises of non-ferrous and ferrous metallurgy, pipe and tube production, chemical and mining industry, oil and gas refining industry, agricultural and utilities sector.

Core services:

  • Supply of reagents and provision of dosing services for water treatment systems, circulating water supply and produced water conditioning;
  • Supply of photoreagents, flocculants and coagulants for flotation, thickening and dehydration of mineral raw materials;
  • Development of programs for reagent treatment of boiler and cooling water.

Advantages of working with Services for Water Circulation Systems Services Business Unit of Mirrico Group of Companies:

  • Footprint in over 10 industries;
  • 4 areas of service for the client’s water infrastructure;
  • 2500 tons of chemicals per year;
  • 12 000 000 м³ of treated water and waste per year;
  • Own research and development laboratory (R&D Lab);
  • Constant professional training and development of the employees;
  • Published more than 30 articles on water treatment, reactant treatment and coal benefication