The product is designed for use in the oil and gas industry as a means to control gas hydrates in gas and oil gathering and field processing systems during treatment of gas condensate wells, gas pipelines and pumps for raw gas conveyance. Kinetic product. The product reduces the temperature threshold, making the formation of hydrates less likely from a thermodynamic point of view. It is a surfactants based mixture in an alcohol and hydrocarbon solvent.

Transportation and storage

Hydranox-8001 hydrate inhibitor is transported by rail and road, in enclosed transport in line with cargo transportation rules. The warranty period of storage is not less than 12 months. .

The chemical can be supplied in the following containers: barrels, intermediate bulk containers, tank wagons, tank cars.

130Hydrantox Hydrate Inhibitor 8001https://mirrico.ru/upload/iblock/7bb/7bb6ba05cf7cf2a9c4926a116ea74175.png