Description: a composition on the basis of synthetic sulfonated polymers.

Application: applied as a gas blocking agent and effective agent for control of filtration properties of cement mortars in the process of construction and workover of oil and gas wells. The product is successfully applied in the process of basic cementing and remedial cementing under pressure. It prevents forming of channels, through which migration of formation fluids can occur in the cement stone at the initial stage of its formation.

Recommended discharge: 0,15–0,50% by weight of dry cement for effective reducing a filtration index; 0,60–0,80% by weight of dry cement as an agent for prevention of behind-the-casing migration of formation fluids. The concentration should be selected according to a particular recipe and parameters.

128Fluid loss reducing agent for cement slurries ATREN CEM PREMIUM ™https://mirrico.ru/upload/iblock/9a7/9a71c6a649f5a8defa6563040f317d52.png