Description: partially hydrated high-molecular polymer, dispersed in the organic solvent.

Application: applied in reduction-oxidation potential and cement squeeze technologies for selective isolation of water-saturated parts of the formation. A chemical agent is pumped into the formation where it forms gel upon interaction with produced water in the pore space. This leads to reduction of water mobility in waterand oil-saturated sublayers.

Recommended discharge: a chemical agent is mixed with diesel fuel in the ratio of 1:1 at the multiple well platform. 2–3 m3 of working solution per a meter of production range. Dilution of concentrated ATREN WSO with diesel fuel / liquid water-free hydrocarbons fuel in the ratio of 1:1 is acceptable in the field conditions.

120Selective water shutoff product Atren WSO™https://mirrico.ru/upload/iblock/9b1/9b17e5bd85fb33258bc7f54c2f44f4c6.png