Description: a composition based on amphoteric surfactants in the solvent system.

Application: applied in technologies of directed acid treatment of a bottomhole formation zone, implemented with the purpose of intensifying oil extraction. The agent performs a function of a diverter in self-diverting acidic compositions based on hydrochloric acid, which are used for treatment of carbonate reservoirs. The principle of operation is based on the ability of the composition reacting with the reservoir rock to form a gel capable of diverting next portions of the composition to less penetrable areas. Thus, we achieve more uniform treatment in terms of volume with creation of a network of wormholes.

Recommended discharge: for preparing the working solution KATOL-40 with a concentration of 5–7,5% in 12–15% hydrochloric acid solution using acid pumping unit SIN-32.

134Reagent for self-deflecting acid compositions Katol 40 ™https://mirrico.ru/upload/iblock/17b/17b3e721b5359a123355da450efbd476.png