Advantages of the laboratory:

51Oil and Gas Processing and Petroleum Chemistry R&D Labhttps://mirrico.ru/upload/iblock/37f/37fbfe52ff86e9ce91061bddae6d0d8e.JPG
Oil and Gas Processing and Petroleum Chemistry R&D Lab
Purpose of the laboratory
  • Development of competitive products and solutions for the processes of oil and gas processing, petro-chemistry, for quality improvement of commercial oil products
Main goals
  • Development of new products manufacturing methods for oil and gas processing, quality improvement of commercial oil products;
  • Selection of the tailored composition and dozing rate of agents from the available products line;
  • Cost reduction of existing products line;
  • Quality control of stock components and finished products (if required);
  • Development of methods of laboratory evaluation of agents, efficiency evaluation of produced agents and existing well-known brands of agents, ensuring of measurement conditions, allowing to receive accurate and operational information about the agents efficiency;
  • Determination of physico-chemical parameters of products in various forms for the purposes of property investigation, for development and implementation of the products standard technical documentation, carrying out tests in compliance with regulatory documents requirements for respective agents;
  • Monitoring and classification of modern fundamental and applied scientific and technological achievements;
  • Conduct of scientific and technological policy aimed at development of laboratory’s material and technical base, accumulation of knowledge, required for ensuring all types of research work.
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Advantages of the laboratory:

  • Well-equipped laboratory, application of advanced research technologies;
  • Highly qualified staff, including Candidates of Sciences;
  • Experience in study management with foreign scientific centers of leading chemical products manufacturers (AkzoNobel, Dow, Kemira, Lonza и др.), sectorial Scientific and research institutes and higher educational institutes of Russia.

Structure of the products being developed

Trade marks Areas of use
«Asulpher» 7005 Removal of hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan in residues.