Drilling Fluid and Technologies R&D Lab
Purpose of the laboratory
  • Development and synthesis of new agents, improvement of drilling mud formulations, creation and management of drilling mud loss-circulation control system.
Main goals
  • Development of new drilling mud systems;
  • Laboratory testing of drilling mud systems, including by addition of new components to the current composition of muds for achievement of maximal economic benefits for the customer;
  • Development of drilling mud programs in laboratory conditions;
  • Development and management of drilling mud cleaning system;
  • Development and management of drilling mud loss-circulation control system.
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The laboratory of scientific center includes:

  • Group of water-based drilling muds;
  • Group of non-aqueous drilling muds;
  • Group of geological support.

The employees of scientific and research center are holders of a number of patents, inventor’s certificates for drilling muds and chemical agents for drilling.

Owing to combination of fundamental knowledge of our employees and study of the latest global experience, we are solving the most complicated problems in the field of drilling mud service.


Products Trade mark Areas of use
Osno-Plug «OSNO-PLUG»™ Control of high intensity loss-circulation, associated with permeability of carbonate porous-fractured reservoirs, as well as with existence of geotectonic fractures and caverns. The technology is based on use of cross-linking polymers for formation of leak- proof tough plug in a loss zone.
CaveBlock «CAVE-BLOCK»™ They are used in technology of drilling mud loss-circulation control for injection to the loss zone as a visco-elastic mud, where due to compression a tough plug is forming which prevents loss-circulation.
SD Gel «SD-Gel»™ “SD-Gel”™ technology involves the use of fine-dispersed organo-mineral compound with adjustable time of gelling and further hardening. The technology is applied in the process of medium and high intensity loss-circulation.

“Osno-Screen” agent is aimed at application in oil recovery industry in drilling processes and well repairing, in technologies of drilling mud loss-circulation control, in wide range of loss-circulation.

Operating principle of “Osno-Screen” is based on agent’s ability to form a non-flowing consistence by interacting with oil-field water, able to lock effectively drilling mud loss-circulation zone.


“BiolubGreen” is intended for water-based drilling muds treatment for the purposes of down-hole friction force reduction, reduction and prevention of sticky situations by vertical and controlled directional wells drilling. It has anti-sealing effect.

  • Consists of natural, environmentally-friendly raw materials.
  • May be used concentrated for salvage operations.
  • Effective in fresh and salt drilling muds. It does not degrade rheological, filtration and other properties of drilling mud.
  • Compatible with all agents, used for drilling muds treatment. Uniqueness of the lubricative additive involves environmental safety and new lubricating base, efficiency of which in 1.5 – 2 times higher as compared with bases used previously, it also may be used at high temperatures.
QUICK-STONE technology «QUICK-STONE»™ Compound consisting of fine-disperse powder with the size of a grain up to 7 microns, with wide range of system density variation from 1.25 to 2.15 g/сm3. The system is characterized by controlled speed development of strength, and its formation composition fully dissolves in hydrochloric acid (15%-маs.). Fine-dispersed composition – opportunity for pumping the composition through a bit/BHA/MWD.