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A Chemical solution developed by The Mirrico Group enabled increase of oil production at NK Rosneft' PAO

Due to application of Atren WSO gelling compound designed for injectivity profile conformance control, 3337,8 tons of additional oil was produced, which is three times more than the target indicator value set in the Scope of Work.

DIKLAR technology based unit on Barnaul heat power plant (HPP)
The experts of Water Technologies and Service Division have developed design and operational documentation, arranged manufacturing and delivery of the equipment, run the commissioning works, and arranged training of HPP employees to operate the installed water treatment unit in all modes of operation.
Atren Recard - an additive for production of active cement undergoes testing at NK ROSNEFT' PAO
The chemical developed in R&D lab of the Mirrico Group is applied in industrial use mode for the first time. This industrial testing is aimed at prevention of channeling behind the casing and increase of the well's time-between-repair by 50%.
The Mirrico Groups DIKLAR technology will be used for water treatment at Kostromskaya mine of MMK-Ugol' company
The purpose of collaboration between the Mirrico Group and MMK-Ugol' company within the framework of EPCM-project is complete treatment of mine waters to the permissible discharge standards (PDS) with water flow volume of 575 m³/hour. The process scheme of the first line of the waste treatment facilities is built based on the patented DIKLAR technology.
The experts of the Mirrico Group are working at Mangistaumunaigaz company (Aktau): running cleaning operations on a 5000m³ tank and training the operational staff to operate the robotic system.
The Mirrico Group has run a foresight study on Creation of a platform for assessment of chemical treatment efficiency

The company develops an integrated hardware/software solution for tracking the effect of the chemical products applied in the oilfields. The specialists of the Mirrico Group invited digital projects development experts and representatives of oil services companies to discuss the development of a software solution.

Algypo biopolymer drilling mud manufactured by the Mirrico Group was successfully used on one of the oilfields in Kazakhstan

The Customer (Burgylau TO) had set the following task before the Mirrico experts: to confirm the effectiveness and economic efficiency of switching from humate drilling muds to biopolymer drilling muds. The experimental pilot works with application of Algypo gyp mud were performed on Karamandybas oilfield.

The Mirrico Group has started conducting tracer tests in Oman

In accordance with the 5-years contract, the first pumping of tracers into three injection wells on the Marmul oilfield was implemented. Currently, the sampling process is going on and it will last for one year.

Digest of innovative solutions of the Mirrico Group

These technologies have successfully passed the pilot tests and the customer tests. For your convenience, the solutions are grouped together according to area of use: well cementing, oil production, oil and gas processing and petrochemistry, water quality assurance and coal benefication.

The effect of barite drilling mud on the permeability of tight gas in cracked shales of deep wells
In the conditions of depletion of traditional energy resources, the development of hardto- recover hydrocarbon resources is becoming increasingly important in the world economy. One of these potential sources of tight gas can be in carbonate-clay fractured reservoirs of the Cambrian deposits of Kazakhstan, located at the depth of about 6 km.

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High Standard

• The MARTin robot entered the top 25 promising technological projects in Russia;
• Well-Slide is a high-performance water-based drilling fluid: economical against environmental concerns;
• The first Russian coke-inhibitor Dewaxol shows an efficiency comparable to foreign analogs;
• Less water, more oil: ATREN WSO is an effective solution for limiting water inflow and increasing oil recovery.
These and other events are in the special October issue of The High Stroke.

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MARTin. Mobile autonomous robotic unit for cleaning tanks and equipment
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Published on: 13 july 2018
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