Testing of the first nanoproduct of Mirrico was successful
Testing of the first nanoproduct of Mirrico was successful

PiIot tests of Atren Lub WS2 lubricating additive were performed at the gas reciprocating power plant of Volzhsky Diesel imeni Maminykh Open Joint-Stock Company. The use of this innovative product results in significant reduction of friction, as well as in prolongation of service life and improvement of technical performance of the customer's process equipment.

The purpose of the pilot tests, which the specialists of Mirrico Group of Companies proceeded with on April 8, was to determine a possibility of using the product based on fullerene-like nanoparticles of tungsten disulfide as an additive to engine oil for a gas-fueled reciprocating engine-generator produced by Volzhsky Diesel imeni Maminykh, as well as determining its impact on main technical characteristics of the gas-fueled reciprocating engine-generator.

An opinion regarding the carried out work was received on May 19. The pilot tests hailed a success. The following positive effects were achieved: a 3% reduction in gas consumption, 8-fold decrease in oil consumption, and improvement of technical characteristics of the engine oil, namely increase in the flash point by 16 ° C.

At the moment the possibility is being considered for conducting the second stage of the pilot tests for determining of ability of the additive to prevent wear of the parts of the cylinder-piston group.

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