The development of the Mirrico Group was included in the list of projects presented to the delegates of TexTour

At the IV Russian Tech Tour, about 300 startups submitted applications. Experts from leading Russian foundations selected and selected only 25, who were given a chance to speak before the delegates of TechTour.

In Tatarstan, TechTour investors got acquainted with the startups presented at the Russian Venture Forum, including the mobile autonomous robotic complex MARTin for cleaning tanks, oilfield and petrochemical equipment, developed in the MIRRICO Group. The technology has attracted special interest from companies from Switzerland and Saudi Arabia.

Representatives of venture funds, technology corporations and business angels from Europe and the USA, united by the association Tech Tour and International Venture Club, came to the Russian Venture Forum and the events of the Russian Technology Tour to Innopolis to invest in the best domestic start-ups.

William Stevens, director of the group of companies Tech Tour:

- The first Russian TechTour was held in 2004 and during all subsequent events a number of companies passed through it, which later became successful. TechTour 2017 will provide global investors and local companies with an effective platform for constructive interaction, and we look forward to the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the modern great industrial technologies that Russia creates.

According to the press service Russian Venture Forum.

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