Employees of Mirrico Group joined Kazan marathon
Employees of Mirrico Group joined Kazan marathon

Twenty-two people participated in marathon, four of them including Director General, ran a full distance of 42.2 km, the rest or them ran for the first time or once again a distance of 21.1, 10 and 3 kilometers.

Anisimova Veronika Vyacheslavovna, Director of Human Resources Department:

— Kazan Marathon is a large-scale event that draws attention to the theme of a healthy lifestyle, and people with an active life position work in MIRRICO Group of Companies. Therefore, our company was pleased to participate in Kazan Marathon, especially because the theme of the sport project this year was protection of environment and AIDS prevention.

The company took on some organizational items to support professional and athletic achievements of Mirrico employees and to speak out in favor of the most sporting event and its subject. Both fans and participants enjoyed the event! The marathon arouse feelings of celebration, unity, positiveness, drive! Many thanks to the ideologists and organizers of the Kazan marathon!

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