Protection of petrochemical plants' equipment

Production of monomers at petrochemical plants is accompanied by a problem of polymerization which leads to clogging of the equipment by polymer deposits and resins. This entails the need to stop the equipment for cleaning and reduces the mean running time of the technological units between failures. Use of special chemicals — polymerization inhibitors helps to minimize the effect of unwanted polymerization.

"Mirrico" Group offers a line of proprietary chemicals as a part of protection and ensuring uninterrupted operation of petrochemical plants:

Utilization of column and vessel equipment for oil and oil products leads to the formation of various deposits. "Mirrico" Group offers an innovative robotic technique for cleaning of petrochemical equipment with subsequent recycling and disposal of extracted deposits, a mobile autonomous robotic installation MARTin.  Technology and equipment of MARTin comply with international safety and quality standards.