Scimol™ corrosion inhibitors are complex compositions of different chemical surfactants such as alkylimidazolines, amidoimidazolines, amines, oxyalkylated amines, phosphorus containing organic compounds, quaternary ammonium compounds in alcohol and aromatic solvents.

They are designed for corrosion protection of oil field equipment and pipelines of water-cut oil gathering and transportation systems, waste water treatment and reservoir pressure maintenance systems. A range of Scimol™ corrosion inhibitors exhibits antibacterial properties against sulphate-reducing bacteria.

The main types:

Transportation and storage

Scimol™ corrosion inhibitors are transported by rail and road, in enclosed transport in line with cargo transportation rules. The warranty period of storage is not less than 12 months.

The chemical can be supplied in the following containers: barrels, intermediate bulk containers, tank wagons, tank cars.

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