A composition based on sodium salts.

Application: in oil and gas industry in processes of well construction and workover as a processing additive to cement slurries in order to prepare light-weight cements, sedimentally stable cement slurries of normal density and boost ration of cement strength development.

Recommended consumption: The concentration range of the additive is 2–4% to the dry cement weight, depending on the cement mark, additional additives and the density to be obtained. The additive can be added both to the cement in dry form, and to the fluid for hydration. In case of adding of the additive in the dry form, it is better to saturate the fluid for hydration with calcium ions, for example, by adding calcium chloride. In case of adding of the product to the fluid for hydration, calcium chloride is added after full dilution of the product in water.

145ATREN LIGHT. Chemical fillerhttps://mirrico.ru/upload/iblock/eb8/eb83f66e035e78f51cab160017a691ac.png