Fluid loss additive based on synthetic sulfurized polymers.

Application: as gas migration prevention additive and an effective fluid loss controller of cement slurries during construction and workover of oil and gas wells.
It is successfully used in case of primary cementing, workover and insulation work related to cementing under pressure. Prevents formation of channels, through which formation fluid migration can occur in set cement at the initial stage of its formation.

Recommended consumption:0,15–0,50% to dry cement mass to reduce a filtration index effectively; 0,60–0,80% to the mass of dry cement as a reagent, which prevents formation fluid migration. Concentration should be selected according to a definite formulation and parameters.

109ATREN CEM PREMIUM. Fluid loss additive (FLA), gas migration prevention additive for cement slurrieshttps://mirrico.ru/upload/iblock/e04/e041ef6c4feafe0b75774d4e0f0893b5.png