A mixture of fluid loss additives with common composition based on synthetic polymers. The base of each reagent in the mixture is an artificial polymer with the same chain length. The only difference is radicals, which bind to this polymer chain, due to different radicals, the polymer is given different properties, that is retardation, the ability to change rheology of the solution within the required limits

Application: for reduction of water-efficiency of cement slurries in technological processes of well cementing.

Recommended consumption: 0,3–0,80 % to dry cement mass or effective reduction of a filtration indicator and taking on necessary auxiliary properties.

101ATREN CEM PHV. Cement slurry fluid loss additive (FLA)https://mirrico.ru/upload/iblock/f5b/f5b32ac8b7c0762a95a7cdbfca8ea56a.jpg