Cleаve Emulsifier is intended for preparation of invert emulsions used for treatment of injection wells during conformance control operations, as well as for preparation of killing liquids for oil wells.

Cleаve is produced in the form of a concentrate (Brand C) or in the form of an oilbased solution (Brand R).


For preparation of emulsions, Cleаve brand C must be mixed with hydrocarbons, and treated water added to the mixture while stirring. Alternatively, water can be added directly to Cleаve brand R.

Dosing rate of the chemical depends on the specific process conditions. To obtain a stable inverse emulsion in water phase, 25 g/dm3 CaCl2 or another mineral salt must be added in advance. The treated water must be added to the hydrocarbon phase containing Cleave brand C, or directly to Cleаve brand R.

Transportation and storage

Cleave can be transported by railway and motor transport in covered vehicles, in accordance with the rules of goods transportation.

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