Polymer flooding is a technology of oil recovery enhancement by increasing the reservoir sweep factor and decreasing the residual oil saturation in the washed-out zone by means of reduction of oil mobility to displacement agent mobility ratio in the reservoir layer.

Application areas

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) (Methods of Enhanced Oil Recovery).

Service rendering stages

  1. Selection of target object for the pilot project (3-5 months.)*;
  2. Selection of chemicals composition (2-3 months.);
  3. Justification of efficiency (2-3 months);
  4. Assembly of special equipment (6-10 months);
  5. Logistics and service (12-24 months).
  6. *average length of every stage. Some stages are implemented in parallel.

1. Selection of target object for pilot project:

2. Selection of chemicals composition:

Justification of technology efficiency (preparing feasibility study):

4. Special equipment assembly:

5. Logistics and service:

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