Atren Iron is used in bottom hole acidizing processes aimed at well stimulation. Corrosion products on pipe walls, scale and iron present in the reservoir may serve as sources of iron during acidizing. Atren Iron prevents formation of viscous emulsions during the reaction of acid with the reservoir in the presence of ferric iron.

The principle of action of Atren Iron is based on its ability to recover ions of ferric iron (Fe+3) to ferrous iron ions (Fe+2). The obtained iron ions do not affect the reservoir fluid.



The process can be easily implemented under field conditions The procedure of preparation of the working solution consists of adding Atren Iron in the concentration of 1 to 10 kg/m3 into the 1-28% solution of hydrogen chloride by an acid pumping unit type SIN-32. The required concentration of the chemical: 0.8-1.0% (5,000 ppm iron) and 0.5-0.7% (2,000 ppm iron).

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