Xanthan liquid biopolymer is used for increasing oil recovery, reduction of water cutting of wells, and conformance control of injection wells.


Xanthan liquid biopolymer is used for formation of stable xanthan biopolymer blocks in water-saturated regions of the reservoir. It is injected into injection wells, where it blocks flooded-out areas of the reservoir, increasing coverage of wells.

Transportation and storage

Xanthan liquid biopolymer can be transported by railway and motor transport in covered vehicles, in accordance with the rules of goods transportation.
Storage life of Xanthan liquid biopolymer in its sealed original packing is at least 12 months.

100Xanthan liquid biopolymerhttps://mirrico.ru/upload/iblock/8cb/8cb9b3f7b075dfa4ffece8bd3ed1eb7c.png