Seurvey RPM™ (Technical specifications, TU 2458-024-82330939-2009) is a relative permeability modifier ensuring selective reduction of water production after hydraulic fracturing operations due to oil and water related selective PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES. It is injected into the well together with hydraulic fracturing fluid, penetrates the reservoir and creates a hydraulic resistance in flow channels. It leads to an increase in the pressure, which is required for water to pass through the pores, and respectively to a reduction in the water-cut. The content of Seurvey RPM relative permeability modifier may vary from 1.5 to 5% depending on the reservoir permeability..

Depending on the application conditions, two grades of Seurvey RPM permeability modifiers are available: Seurvey RPM W for winter application and Seurvey RPM S for summer application.

126Modifier of relative phase permeability SEURVEY RPMhttps://mirrico.ru/upload/iblock/ff0/ff0df0c1f1a7473cd52e6e8e69276cd0.jpg