Atren BCL™ (Technical specifications, TU 2458-001-63121839-2009) is used in frac fluids for cross-linking of guar, hydroxypropyl guar and its other derivatives.

Atren BCL™ is added during pumping. It is dosed at the concentration of 1.5 liter per 1m3 of guar based linear gel at the concentration of guar ranging from 1 to 6 kg per 1m³.

Transportation and storage

“The product is transported by rail and road, in closed transport unit in line with cargo transportation rules. The expiry date is 24 months from the date of manufacture.

90Fast-acting cross-linker ATREN BCLhttps://mirrico.ru/upload/iblock/cae/caeae8fc84fab47a4b315e2f5730d792.jpg